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MAY 2020.
Hi my name is Maya. I am a Red Merle Female, and am 3 years old.
When I was 8 weeks old, I went and lived in a co-own home for
Desert Sun.  I was going to be shown and then my co-own home
and my breeder were going to split a couple of litter of puppies
out of me. I didn't get shown like I thought I would, and I had an
accidental litter a few months ago with a different breed. Oops.  I
have only been  back at Desert Sun about 1 1/2 months. My
breeder thinks I may have spent a lot of time in a crate. I have a
habit of spinning when I am anxious, excited, or not sure what
she wants me to do. I have gotten a lot better, but will still do it. I
have not been in a crate since I have been back at Desert Sun. I
use a dog door to go out and go potty, and I have a dog bed I love
to sleep in. Honestly, though, my dream would be to sit in
someone’s lap and sleep. I am leash trained, and have traveled in
a car many times in a crate, and now on the back seat and I do
just fine. I was raised with a woman, so right now I am better with
women than men, but I do warm up to them, and will even smile
from time to time. Kids make me a little nervous because they
move fast, but I often time will remove myself from the room and
when they calm down I'll cuddle up to them. I don’t have a mean
bone in my body. I am priced at $1200 instead of $2000 that the
merle girls go for at Desert Sun, as I have not been spayed and
would need to be. My Desert Sun Mom just started a new job and
isn't able to take time off, etc to take me in for the surgery. She's
also hoping with this price, I will find my forever loving home soon.
A couple of people have inquired about flying me to them. My
Mom says she worries about flying me, as that will require a crate
and a length of time in it. I would survive, but it may set me back
and take time again to get me  to where I am right now. I also can
only get to the airport on a Saturday or Sunday and I’m not sure
what flights would be available on those days as most of the
shipping done by Desert Sun has always been done Monday-
Friday, but with the move to  Prescott, that puts us 2 hours away.
I would love to join a family where I could be with someone that is
home a lot, wants somebody to cuddle with, and doesn't have
children running around all the time. If you think I may be a good
fit, please email or call me!